Shoestring USB to EQ6 PRO Interface

Enables direct communication between the computer and EQ6/NEQ6 PRO mounts.

  • For Sky-watcher EQ6 PRO, NEQ6 PRO
  • Bypasses SynScan handset
  • Control the telescope from a computer
  • USB computer interface
  • Supported by the EQ Mod Project
  • Microsoft Windows PC required
  • UK warranty
Shoestring USB to EQ6 PRO Interface
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Enables direct communication between the computer and EQ6 PRO or NEQ6 PRO mounts. Now, thanks to the efforts of several individuals, far more powerful features are made available by bypassing the SynScan hand controller and communicating directly with the mount's stepper motor controller. More information on the EQ Direct method can be found on the EQ Mod website. Please refer to the Links section below for documentation and Windows PC software drivers.





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Carries full one year UK warranty.

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Shoestring USB to EQ6 PRO Interface
Attribute Specification
Product Code (SKU) U2EQ6
Universal Product Code (UPC) n/a
Warranty 1 year UK warranty
Experience Level Intermediate
Compatibility • Sky-Watcher EQ6 PRO
• Sky-Watcher NEQ6 PRO
Computer Requirements • Microsoft Windows
• USB port
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